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Hiking Havens Near The Inn at Erlowest: Nature’s Best Kept Secrets 

Tucked away in the Adirondack region, The Inn at Erlowest is not just a serene retreat but also a gateway to some of the most invigorating hiking trails. Lake George’s surroundings beckon avid hikers and casual wanderers alike. Here’s our top pick of hiking spots to invigorate your spirit: 


  1. Prospect Mountain: 

Arguably the most famous in the area, Prospect Mountain boasts a summit trail with panoramic vistas of Lake George and the distant Adirondacks. Whether you hike or drive up, the views from the top are unequivocally breathtaking. 


  1. Buck Mountain: 

Offering moderate to challenging trails, Buck Mountain’s summit rewards hikers with a spectacular view of the southern part of Lake George. The lake’s shimmering waters set against the mountain backdrop is a sight to behold. 


  1. Pilot Knob Preserve: 

Ideal for a shorter, more relaxed hike, Pilot Knob Preserve presents a 1.8-mile loop trail. The gazebo at its summit, overlooking Lake George, offers a picturesque spot for picnics. 


  1. Shelving Rock Falls: 

A gentler option for families and beginner hikers, this 1.7-mile round trip leads to a stunning waterfall. The serene ambiance and the melodious sound of cascading water make this trail a favorite. 


  1. Black Mountain: 

Situated on the eastern side of Lake George, Black Mountain’s diverse trails cater to both novices and seasoned hikers. Once at the top, one is greeted with views not just of Lake George, but also of the Green Mountains of Vermont. 


  1. Sleeping Beauty Mountain: 

Despite its seemingly whimsical name, this trail demands a bit of endurance but rewards with awe-inspiring views. The trail stretches around 7 miles round-trip and offers solitude and unparalleled beauty. 



In the heart of nature, every trail near The Inn at Erlowest unfolds a unique tale of adventure, beauty, and discovery. Lace up your hiking boots, and let the Adirondack landscapes rejuvenate your spirit.